Developed in the Digital Factory

Advanced Workforce Management System (AWMS) is a SaaS (Software as a service) solution that enables enterprises to optimize workforce scheduling, respecting the abilities and limitations within the factory.


This platform was implemented through the collaboration with plant managers of manufacturing companies to co-design a solution that effectively fits their needs and goals.

The People of the Factory

AWMS is focused on Workforce Management and Workforce Optimization which are processes to analyze and optimize the factory’s productivity and modernize the employees planning.

A solution for

Plant managers

Workforce planning managers

HR managers

Training & safety managers

How AWMS works

  • Real time data processing and extraction from different databases allow the Planner to develop the best production plan with the best Workforce.
  • On a daily basis, the team leader plans and monitors the workload for the following days via tablet.
  • Through Machine Learning algorithms, AWMS offers increasingly smart answers for planning.



Optimization of personnel planning respecting abilities and limitations.


Workforce training and certified management system.

Knowledge Sharing & Communication.

Sharing of knowledge within the organization and real time communication with the production lines.

Risk Monitoring.

Processing and monitoring of the risk profile of staff based on OCRA/NIOS standard.

Skill Matrix.

Dynamic skill matrix based on machine learning algorithms.

Workers’ cost center.

Autonomous and real time update of workers cost centers.

Holiday calendar.

Real time management and holiday calendar monitoring.


  • Over 75% reduction in the time spent on planning your workforce.
  • AWMS automatically updates the operators’ skills matrix and increases their safety, improving the management procedures for medical specialist assessments of the workforce.
  • Return on Investment in less than one year.


  1. Identify the right resources for the right job.
    100% control of the free staff.
    Visualization of resources and their work.
  2. 75% reduction in time and tasks management.
    100% control of all unexpected activities.
    Increased security and safety of the workforce conditions.
  3. Absenteeism reduction.
    Turnover reduction.
    Return on Investment in less than 1 year.


Perfect for manifacturing industries



Analysis of the workforce planning process. Functional requirements analysis. Identification of KPIs related to production, services and waste. Creation of the skill matrix and identification of the necessary training.


Definition of production parameters required for the AWMS setup. Developing training courses. Defining training plan.


AWMS setup requires testing before implementing new system to ensure compatabilty for the solution.


Training of the HR planning team. Launch of the AWMS system and provide support. Conduct workforce training based on the agreed plan.